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A Film By Papillon Media and House of the Rising Sons
  Executive Producer
Gail Parker
    Produced by
Isidra Person-Lynn
  Directed by
Gail Parker and Isidra Person-Lynn
    Director of Photography
Harold Brown, William Byers
  Narration by
Isidra Person-Lynn
    Edited by
Explorer Studios, Inc.
  Written by
Isidra Person-Lynn
  Editorial Consultants     Archival Research  
  Isidra Person-Lynn
Gail Parker
Harold Brown
    William Byers
Isidra Person-Lynn
Gail Parker
  Partial Funding     Music Selection  
  Sandra Evers-Manly and
Black Hollywood Education
and Resource Center
    Ron McCurdy, Pushcarts  
  Ayuko Babu,
Pan African Film Festival
    Charles Bibbs,
Renowed Artist, 626 Gallery
  Jesse Raudales, Olympic Artist,
Alliance Worldwide Communications
    Dee Walker, Spoken Word Artist
(Walker Granddaughter)
  Cecil Fergerson,
Noted Curator
    Miriam Watson Fergerson,
Noted Curator
  Russel Walker,Son        
  Additional Footage Provided By     Big Band Footage  
  Lifestyles in Art, a production of
CPI Imagemakers
    Provided courtesy of
(Footage of Duke Ellington
and Sam Woodyard)
  Mahala Walter
Feeding You Information
  Ray Gonzales, KTLA        
  Wanda Moore        
  Barbara Wesson        
  Dee Grant - Collector, Altadena        
  Gail Parker,        
  William Byers,        
  Isidra Person-Lynn,  
  Special Thanks        
  Our heartfelt thanks to our families and friends for their support throughout the years. Our deepest gratitude goes to Mrs. Jane Walker and the Walker Family for opening their hearts and sharing their lives with us.  
  Sandra Evers-Manly     Ayuko Babu & The PAFF Staff  
  Cecil and Miriam Fergerson     Jesse Raudales  
  Charles Bibbs     Russel Walker  
  Dee Walker     Kwaku Person-Lynn, PhD  
  Elizabeth Byers     Andre Parker  
  Dee Grant, Collector-Altadena     Ray Gonzales, KTLA  
  The Magic Johnson Theater        
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Gail Parker
Produced by Isidra Person-Lynn
Gail Parker
Directed by Isidra Person-Lynn
Harold Brown
William Byers, Jr.