Papillon Media
, headed by Gail Parker in association with House of the Rising Sons Media, run by Isidra Person-Lynn, are the producers of Walking Tall: The Life and Wife of Walt Walker. The two met when doing an innovative interactive DVD for the Los Angeles Black Business Expo in 2003. William Byers was a long time associate of Gail's and the technical engineer of the project.

The three met many times since then, William teaching video production, camera operation and other technological advances to his students, Isidra and Gail.

Gail has been the web designer for the Walt and Jane Walker for over a decade: Walt was known as the granddaddy of the Los Angeles art scene-- one who could have passed for white, but chose to paint black images and led the way by opening a gallery featuring the works of black artists. He saw his art as viable and used it for commercial work to sustain his family. He then parlayed those talents into a stellar career as a fine artist.

As is the case with all successful artists, Walt had a dedicated agent: his wife and business partner Jane Walker. He passed 9 years ago, but at 92 years old, Mrs. Walker is still growing and learning and working on the business of Walt's art. She makes things happen.

Seven years ago, she asked Gail if she could help the world remember her husband. Eager to learn move about video production, Gail agreed. She enlisted Isidra to write the script and interview the subjects. Harold Brown had already interviewed Mr. Walker years earlier, and was the first cameraman on the project. He taped Jane Walker and Cecil and Miriam Fergerson.

Gail and Isidra busied themselves doing research, looking high and low for footage and photos of Walt. Mrs. Walker dug through her archives, but produced pieces of Walt's art rarely seen. Certain items eluded them, especially pictures of Ray's Redwood Kitchen, where Walt had exhibited for 10 years. William tried to edit what they collected, but it was not enough.

At the 2007 Los Angeles Black Business Expo, Isidra ran into
Mrs. Walker.
She looked good, but now she was walking with a cane.

Isidra called, "Hello! How are you?" She replied "I'm 87!"
Isidra told her husband about the interchange. Kwaku, who was exhibiting his business on another aisle said "while you were gone, Moza stopped by and said they extended the deadline for the Pan African Film Festival (PAFF). You know, you guys had better finish this movie because tomorrow is not promised."

A few minutes later, Isidra ran into Sandra Evers-Manly, of the Black Hollywood Education Resource Center. She fell into step with her and asked "do you know where we can find money to finish a film project?" Sandra asked "How much do you need?" The next day, Isidra asked Gail, who set a price and Sandra answered the distress signal.

William Byers agreed to shoot and edit and in one day captured interviews with Ayuko Babu (PAFF Director), Charles Bibbs (626 Gallery Owner), Russel Walker (Walt's son) and Jesse Raudales (up and coming Olympic artist walking in Walt's footsteps.) After a collaborative editing mission that seemed forever, the three met the PAFF deadline.

Thanks to this chain of events, not only was Walking Tall selected to premiere at the Pan African Film Festival, it was nominated best Documentary Short.

Mrs. Walker is so excited, she plans to be at both screenings, surrounded by her family and friends and all who knew and loved Walt. She is also exhibiting Walt's work and her own hand made jewelry at the Art Festival, stationed near Walmart.

Ever the businesswoman, she is making Walking Tall: The Life and Wife of Walt Walker available on DVD and will market them nationally. William Byers pitched in and designed the latest version of, with a big assist from Gail Parker and Isidra Person-Lynn.